Owner’s Bio

Christian Baldoni, 24 years old

That little guy that I’m holding is my son, Elias. Today, he’s a crazy energetic two-year-old. This little guy taught me that dancing and creating a mess is apparently the most enjoyable thing in the world…

Hello! – I’m Christian Baldoni, the owner of Baldoni’s Landscaping. I’ve been Serving Hernando County’s landscaping industry for six years!

I started working in the landscaping industry when I was 17 years old. Thankfully, my uncle was kind enough to offer me a spot in his own business. I was an employee for 2 and a half years until I decided to find my own landscaping jobs. The first quotes that I gave were definitely not the smoothest. But, as I learned more and more, I started to take control and get a grasp on what I was doing. Today, what started out as a small 5 figure business with my best friend, has now flourished into an efficient, insured, 6 figure business that serves the local Hernando County area. I never planned that we would be doing so well so soon, but thanks to the locals like yourself, I’m now living a very healthy and happy life. Thank you.

Past Experience

Employee at Save-on Nursery
(2017 – 2019)
This is where I learned the bread and butter services that landscaping companies provide. I was also able to obtain local plant knowledge as he ran his landscaping company out of a nursery. This was an awesome introduction to landscaping!

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